Cleaning Your Wild Republic Stuffed Animals

Normal wear may result in crumbs and sticky spots on your children’s favorite toys. That’s why we’re offering cleaning instructions to help keep your Wild Republic stuffed animals as clean and spot-free as the first day you bought them:


  • A lint roller
  • A damp light-colored cloth
  • A dry towel for fluffing
  • A gentle soap (for extra care)

Regular Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Run a lint roller over the animal to remove excess particles. Then, lightly rub the surface of your stuffed animal with the damp cloth to remove additional debris. (For extra care: place a tiny dot of soap on the damp light-colored cloth and gently rub the affected area. Be sure to test your soap on a small area of the stuffed animal first.
  2. Allow the stuffed animal to air dry. 
  3. Use the dry towel to gently fluff any wet or flattened fabric. For special fabrics, as used with our sloth, be sure to give your stuffed animal a good shake to separate long strands.

Follow these cleaning instructions to maintain your Wild Republic stuffed animals, and enjoy your furry friends for years to come!

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