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  • Red Fox Stuffed Animal - 8

    Red Fox Stuffed Animal - 8"

    This sly, slinky fox is on the prowl for fun. Thick reddish brown fur and a bushy white-tipped tail make him extra cuddly, while a soft white throat and pointed...
  • Wolf Stuffed Animal - 8

    Wolf Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Bring wild adventure home with this cuddly stuffed wolf. Our 8-inch wolf Cuddlekin looks incredibly realistic, with a thick soft coat of gray, white and brown fur. Howl into the...
  • Wolf Stuffed Animal - 12

    Wolf Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Cub-sized at about 12 inches, this lone loveable wolf is so cuddly soft. His stout muzzle and wide, dark eyes make him equally huggable and kissable. If one is not...
  • Red Fox Stuffed Animal - 12

    Red Fox Stuffed Animal - 12"

    This clever, sneaky red fox is on the prowl for adventure. His long legs are built for speed, while his thick reddish brown fur and bushy tail help keep him warm....
  • Fennec Fox - 8

    Fennec Fox - 8"

    This mini fennec fox kit is super-soft for cuddling. And her resemblance to the real thing is uncanny! Featuring long, pettable fur; sweet, kissable face; and trademark oversized ears, this...
  • African Wild Dog Stuffed Animal - 12

    African Wild Dog Stuffed Animal - 12"

    This Wild African Dog stuffed animal will catch any animal lover’s eye with its over-sized ears and multi-colored fur coat. With its scientific name of Lycaon Pictus literally meaning ‘painted wolf’,...
  • Brown Bat Stuffed Animal - 8

    Brown Bat Stuffed Animal - 8"

    You won't fear the dark when this adorable brown bat is with you. This little brown bat stuffed animal is covered in thick, soft brown fur, with his large wings...
  • Opossum Stuffed Animal - 8

    Opossum Stuffed Animal - 8

  • Mountain Goat Stuffed Animal - 8

    Mountain Goat Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Frolic and play your way to fun with this snowy white mountain goat. This cuddly 8-inch stuffed animal has a long, soft coat of pure white fur, with two tall...
  • Opossum Stuffed Animal - 12

    Opossum Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Opossums in the wild sometimes "play dead," but this cuddly opossum just loves to play! From its white, ghost-like face to its soft gray body to its long, curled pink...
  • Mountain Lion Stuffed Animal - 8

    Mountain Lion Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Explore with this cuddly stuffed mountain lion. This strong, slender cat is covered in a golden brown coat with soft white fur on its belly and black-tipped tail and ears....
  • Red Panda Stuffed Animal - 8

    Red Panda Stuffed Animal - 8"

    This tree-climbing red panda has come down from the branches to play. Our 8-inch stuffed red panda is huggably cute, with thick reddish brown fur and dark legs. With brown...
  • Baby Snow Leopard Stuffed Animal - 8

    Baby Snow Leopard Stuffed Animal - 8"

    A special delivery is waiting for your little one. The Cuddlekins Baby Snow Leopard stuffed animal is a tiny bundle of joy. He’s a curious cat, always ready for fun,...
  • Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 8

    Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Big bear hugs come in small packages with this adorably cuddly 8-inch stuffed black bear. With a thick coat of black fur and soft brown patches on his feet and...
  • Wooly Mammoth Stuffed Animal - 30

    Wooly Mammoth Stuffed Animal - 30"

    He looks like a shaggy-furred elephant, with extra-long tusks. These guys once roamed the arctic tundra until they became extinct. Cuddlekins brings them back with this amazingly realistic Woolly Mammoth...
  • Capuchin Stuffed Animal - 8

    Capuchin Stuffed Animal - 8"

    A clever little capuchin, this primate makes a great playmate. Most of his fluffy soft body is black, except for a hood of fuzzy white fur around his pale-colored face....
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