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  • Koala Ecokins 12"

    Koala Ecokins 12"

    Do you need someone to relax or take a nap with? You should look no further than owning This stuffed toy Koala bear. We all know how important sleep is,...
  • Sloth Ecokins Mini 8"

    Sloth Ecokins Mini 8"

    Slow down your life when you embody the lifestyle of the three-toed Sloth. Algae and small insects can live in the Fur of the mammal because it is so sedentary,...
  • Penguin Black Foot Ecokins Mini 8"

    Penguin Black Foot Ecokins Mini 8"

    Bring the magic of the arctic with you wherever you go with our version of the amazing black-footed penguin. They love to live on the rocky coastline and can survive...
  • Polar Bear Ecokins Mini 8"

    Polar Bear Ecokins Mini 8"

    Within the first month of birth, the baby Polar bear can open its eyes, ready to take on the world. They are born in the winter months and stay in...
  • Snow Leopard Ecokins Mini 8"

    Snow Leopard Ecokins Mini 8"

    After looking at this Snow Leopard Baby stuffed animal, you probably spotted a new friend to bring into your life. These cute plushies are made of high-quality material and are...
  • Harbor Seal Ecokins Mini 8"

    Harbor Seal Ecokins Mini 8"

    The harbor seal is an adorable sea mammal, especially as a young pup with spots. These ocean animals enjoy relaxing on land for up to 30 minutes and can dive...
  • River Otter Ecokins Mini 8"

    River Otter Ecokins Mini 8"

    Can you hold your breath for eight minutes? a River Otter can while it’s exploring underwater! these amazing creatures make sure their ears and nostrils are closed off so they...
  • Red Panda Ecokins Mini 8"

    Red Panda Ecokins Mini 8"

    Did you know that red pandas spend most of their time climbing bamboo trees? However, this Ecokins stuffed animal will come down and explore the world with you. This kids...
  • Penguin Chick Ecokins 12"

    Penguin Chick Ecokins 12"

    Have you ever looked at a penguin and thought to oneself they were not cute? The answer is no. Now imagine a soft and adorable looking penguin that can bring...
  • Giraffe Ecokins 12"

    Giraffe Ecokins 12"

    Almost immediately after giraffes give birth, the newborn is able to stand and run within a few hours. They need to be able to move immediately since they are active...
  • Humpback Whale Ecokins Mini 8"

    Humpback Whale Ecokins Mini 8"

    Dive into the deep blue sea with this cuddle ins Humpback whale stuffed animal and see where the current takes you. A real Humpback whale ranges from the 39 to...
  • Giraffe Ecokins Mini 8"

    Giraffe Ecokins Mini 8"

    The first feature of giraffes that you recognize is their long necks. They are herbivores, as they only eat plants, so their necks allow them to reach and eat leaves...
  • Black Bear Ecokins Mini 8"

    Black Bear Ecokins Mini 8"

    The Black Bear may be the smallest bear in North America, but our plushier is the best size to play and cuddle with. Age is but a number when it...
  • White Tiger Ecokins Mini 8"

    White Tiger Ecokins Mini 8"

    To the surprise of many, white tigers are the same species as a normal Tiger. The only disparity is their fur color, as this is caused by one differing Gene...
  • Zebra Ecokins 12"

    Zebra Ecokins 12"

    Are zebras primarily black with white stripes or are they primarily white with black stripes? Owning these stuffed animals will allow you to examine this mystery closer and to see...
  • Snow Leopard Ecokins 12"

    Snow Leopard Ecokins 12"

    Take a run on the wild side with this snow Leopard stuffed animal from Wild Republic. This plush toy is sure to make you feel like you are out in...
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