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Step into the age of the dinosaurs with the Wild Republic E-Team Box Set T-Rex! This engaging set transports you back in time, instilling an awe for these prehistoric giants and fostering an understanding of nature's history. Perfect for children and adults, it's designed to inspire curiosity about ancient wildlife and educate about the fascinating world of dinosaurs. With safety being our top priority, the E-Team Box Set T-Rex surpasses all safety standards, making it a safe and thrilling playtime companion for your little ones. As part of Wild Republic's diverse range of educational toys, this set is more than just a collection of toy figures—it's a prehistoric adventure waiting to unfold. Choose the E-Team Box Set T-Rex and let every playtime be a journey through the captivating world of the past. Adventure awaits with Wild Republic!

  • Safety is our top priority. The action set surpasses the safety requirements of CPSIA(USA) and EN71(EU), ensuring it meets the highest standards for children's toys.
  • We care about the environment. The packaging is made from recycled material and features soy-based ink, promoting sustainability and reducing single-use plastic waste.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the T-Rex figure is phthalate, lead, and BPA-free, making it safe for children to handle and play with.
  • Wild Republic has been inspiring young minds for nearly four decades, creating realistic toys that foster a love for wildlife and encourage exploration of the natural world.
  • Unleash your imagination and embark on thrilling adventures with the E-Team Box Set T-Rex, the ultimate choice for young explorers everywhere.
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