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Welcome to the Wild Republic Polybag Farm, where the magic of the farm comes to life in a pocket-sized playset! Let your imagination run wild as you create your very own farm adventures with this delightful collection of toy figures. The Polybag Farm features a variety of farm animals, crops, and farm-related accessories that will transport you to the heart of the countryside. Each toy figure is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, capturing the essence of farm life in a fun and interactive way. And rest assured, safety is our top priority - the Polybag Farm exceeds all safety standards and specifications, ensuring a worry-free playtime for both children and adults alike. For almost four decades, Wild Republic has been dedicated to creating realistic stuffed animals and toys that spark curiosity and appreciation for the wonders of nature. So, join us on this farm-tastic journey and let the Polybag Farm be the gateway to endless farming adventures!

  • Realistic Farm Animals: Experience the joy of the farm with a variety of detailed animal figures, including cows, horses, pigs, chickens, and more.
  • Inspire Imaginative Play: Encourage storytelling and creativity as children build their own farm scenarios and learn about farm life.
  • Educational Value: Teach kids about different farm animals, their characteristics, and the importance of caring for animals and nature.
  • High Safety Standards: Our Polybag Farm exceeds safety requirements, ensuring a safe playtime experience for children and adults.
  • Wild Republic Legacy: With nearly four decades of inspiring young explorers, Wild Republic is the trusted brand for nature-inspired toys that spark curiosity and wonder.
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