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The dolphin is an intelligent and social marine mammal that is beloved by people of all ages. With its sleek body and playful nature, the dolphin is a favorite of many. Wild Republic's Message From The Planet Dolphin stuffed animal is a perfect way to bring the joy of these amazing creatures into your home. Safe for children and adults alike, this plush toy meets the highest safety standards and specifications. Wild Republic has been creating realistic and educational toys for nearly four decades, and their commitment to fostering curiosity about wildlife and the wonders of nature shines through in all of their products.

  • Dive into Wonder: Embark on an oceanic adventure with Message From The Planet Dolphin, a friendly stuffed animal companion.
  • Safety Above All: Our dolphin plush surpasses safety standards, ensuring a secure playtime for children and peace of mind for parents.
  • Ocean's Marvels: Explore the world of dolphins, their intelligence, acrobatic skills, and their vital role in marine ecosystems
  • Playful Companions: Discover the social nature of dolphins, their joyful interactions, and their close-knit pods.
  • Inspire Young Explorers: With Wild Republic's realistic stuffed animals, ignite a love for wildlife and nurture curiosity about the wonders of the natural world.
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Message From The Planet



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