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The greatest gift in life is not a gift but a feeling; the feeling that you are listened to and cared for!  Instill this character trait in your child through the power of love and bunnies with A Listening Ear.  The power of individual thinking should be encouraged, so friends can always inspire and help each other to grow.  Bunnies are known for their soft nature and large ears, making them the perfect example of what we all want in a friendship.  Listening skills should be practiced on one's self, as well as to friends, family and even strangers.  Pass along the power of kindness and practice mindfulness with the lesson of this young boy's relationship with his bunny.  Becoming aware of the dreams in one's own heart is something someone of any age can constantly experience, and they should be encouraged to share. A Listening Ear is a sweet, beautifully illustrated, digestible book for all with a compelling message... have you truly listened to a dream lately?

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