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Green Guardians Tiger: Roaring for Eco-Friendly Play, Safety, and Sustainability! Step into the wild with the Green Guardians Tiger, a magnificent companion for children and adults alike. Designed to inspire a love for nature and eco-conscious choices, this plush toy embodies the spirit of our brand. The Green Guardians Tiger isn't just a toy; it's a symbol of sustainability and an invitation to explore the wonders of the wild. Let it be your child's guide to eco-conscious play, kindling a lifelong passion for the natural world and our planet. Choose the Green Guardians Tiger and be part of the movement toward a more eco-aware, inquisitive world.

  • Jungle Majesty: The Green Guardians Tiger brings the allure of the jungle to your home, sparking eco-friendly adventures and a deeper connection to wildlife.
  • Safety Paramount: Committed to your child's safety, this plush toy surpasses stringent safety standards and specifications outlined by CPSIA (USA) and EN71 (EU), ensuring worry-free play.
  • Eco-Wonder: At the end of its lifecycle, this Tiger transforms into an eco-hero. Dispose of it, and watch it biodegrade within a year, leaving no ecological footprint. Playtime meets environmental consciousness!
  • Wild Republic Legacy: With almost four decades of crafting lifelike stuffed animals, Wild Republic merges quality, safety (CPSIA and EN71 compliant), and environmental responsibility. The Green Guardians Tiger stands as a testament to our commitment.
  • Nature's Tutor: More than a toy, this Tiger embodies our mission to ignite curiosity about wildlife and educate about nature's marvels. Join us in fostering a greener, more nature-centric world, one play session at a time.
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Green Guardians



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