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Foster love and understanding with your child when a loved one passes with the story Grandma Fairy. Grandma Fairy started appearing in Kiran and Paxton’s lives upon the passing of their Grandma. Her gentle touch and everlasting presence was noticed in a multitude of ways by the boys. Signs are a secret language between loved ones and those close to them that have passed. Teaching children to embrace the continued connection, often through nature, instills reassurance of love and memory. The boys created a beautiful narrative and oasis around Grandma Fairy and Kiran’s bunny Chicory who passed as well. Representing the notion that Grandparents and animals forever stay in our hearts, this story touches on imagination and love. Grandma Fairy leaves signs all around for Kiran and Paxton to discover and be reassured that she’s always by their side. It goes hand-in-hand that family members who have passed on are always watching over us, sending signs, and staying alive in our hearts.

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Furry Tails



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