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Undeniably adorable and irresistibly soft, this grey ‘African Elephant’ toy is sure to win your little one’s heart, instantly. Handcrafted with love, this toy has super-soft fur, stuffed fibers inside, cute trunk and tusks and a tiny tail that make it look fun and attractive. You will definitely adore the tiny hands reaching out for it among-st the hordes of toys on the floor. Ultralight in weight, handy and portable, this toy fox will easily fit in the little palms. Not only a good choice to bring in happiness and laughter on your little angel’s face; this toy is also an excellent option to introduce your little one to the animal world in a fun and a playful way. Do not worry about hygiene, this toy is washable, durable and skin friendly. Brush it after drying to regain its appearance of bushy yet soft fur.

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Asian Elephant,





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