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  • Adventure Series Hot Rod Truck and Crocodile

    Australian animal adventurers will thrill over this two-piece boxset with crocodile and classic pickup truck. Lightweight yet strong, this injection molded plastic collection can stand up to hours of rugged...
  • Adventure Series Hot Rod Truck and Wolf

    Here's an ultra-cool North American adventure set, featuring a hot rod-inspired pickup truck and classic gray wolf figurine. Painted to look oh-so real, this two-piece injection molded plastic set will...
  • Semi Transporter Aquatic Carrier

    They'll spend hours picking out, putting back, transporting and playing with these six aquatic figures and cobalt blue semi-trailer transporter. Each component is made of colorful, durable plastic, while the...
  • Mini Truck and Shark Adventure Set

    This sharp-looking two-piece toy features a decked-out, friction-motor truck that's ready to race, along with the most exciting aquatic animal around --- the great white shark. Together, this is one...
  • Mini Truck and Stegosaurus Adventure Set

    Dinosaur lovers and rugged outdoor types will flip for this mini truck and Stegosaurus set. The tough-terrain tires and adventure-striped truck, along with the authentic-looking jurassic creature are just the...
  • Adventure Series Hot Rod Truck and Horse

    An epic experience awaits your favorite little wrangler, thanks to this two-piece adventure set. Featuring a brown-and-white spotted horse and matching pickup truck, they'll spend every day riding the dirt...
  • Adventure Series Hot Rod Truck and Shark

    The only limit to the fun they'll have with this oceanic adventure set is their imagination. This special dive collection features two favorite classics, a dual-exhaust pickup and a color-coordinated...
  • Adventure Series Tiger and Pick-up Truck

    Together, this hot rod pickup and realistic-looking tiger deliver the fiercest of fun. Your little one will enjoy hours of safari-style adventure in the "jungle" of their choosing: backyard, bedroom...
  • Adventure Series Hot Rod Truck and Dino

    Their next Jurrasic adventure starts with this two-piece collection, featuring a colorful camo-style T-Rex and coordinating dual-pipe pickup. Delivers hours of fun, prehistoric play.Package dimensions: 12"W x 4.5"D x 5"H....
  • Semi Transporter Animal Carrier

    Six amazing animal figures fit neatly inside this monstrous neon orange semi-transporter. Featuring tough plastic tires, detailed decals, see-through side panel and retractable carrying handle, this set is ready for...
  • Mini Truck and Wolf Adventure Set

    What a perfect combo! This 4x4 truck and gray wolf action figure provide hours of imaginative fun and safari-style adventure. With all-terrain plastic tires and friction-powered truck motor, this mini...
  • Mini Truck and Crocodile Adventure Set

    Adventure begins with this Crocodile Safari Trek mini truck set, designed for off-road reptile discoveries and much more. The friction motor lets them rev it up and let it go...
  • Mini Truck and Tiger Adventure Set

    Grrrr-reat adventures start with this two-piece, plastic toy set featuring mini truck and tiger. Bengal-style stripes on all pieces inspire jungle-themed adventures, while the truck's friction-powered motor invite powerful play....
  • Mini Truck and Anaconda Adventure Set

    Your snake hunter will love to explore the local terrain and hunt snakes in this Anaconda Ocean Dive mini truck set. The truck's electronic-free friction motor lets them rev up...
  • Mini Truck and Hammerhead Adventure Set

    Add this Hammerhead Ocean Dive mini truck set to their collection for some surf-and-turf fun. The motorized truck runs solely on friction and their imagination; the ultra-cool shark adds another...
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