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  • Twin Spotted Rubber Snake

    Flexible rubber snake with life like design. Slithering fun!
  • Blue Rock Rubber Snake - 42"

    For play. For fun. For show. This beautiful blue rock toy snake looks almost like the real thing with its exotic coloring, snakeskin-like texture and detail. Made of soft, flexible...
  • Albino Python Rubber Snake - 46"

    Nothing could be finer than this albino python. Made of soft, flexible, non-toxic polymer, uncoiled it stretches out to a full 46". In a backpack, backyard or bathtub, this rubber...
  • Blue Coral Rubber Snake - 72"

    A body of brilliant sapphire and sky blue combined with a bright red head give this blue corral rubber snake its true-to-life appearance. High-quality rubber and tactile texture add to...
  • Blue Coral Rubber Snake - 42"

    For play. For fun. For show. This beautiful blue coral toy snake looks almost like the real thing with its exotic coloring and snakeskin-like texture and detail. Made of soft,...
  • Mountain Boa Rubber Snake - 42"

    An unusual find, this small mountain boa is a near replica of the Dominican Red. Hold it. Drape it. Show it. Share it. Uncoil it. This 42" rubber snake is...
  • Corn Snake Rubber Snake - 42"

    Here's a rubber snake that looks so real, you might believe it is. This gorgeous 42" corn snake is colored and textured to mimic its real-life counterpart. A great gift...
  • Black Mammba Rubber Snake - 42"

    This special serpent is the one that'll make 'em do a double-take. Looks just like a real black mamba---only this one's made of soft, textured rubber. 42" in length, it...
  • Ball Python Rubber Snake - 42"

    For the kid that dreams of having a small ball python, this is it! 42" long and made of soft-textured rubber. This toy snake looks incredibly real with its true-life...
  • Anaconda Rubber Snake - 42"

    Satisfy their curiosity for snakes with this 42" small rubber anaconda. The life-like design includes bright, bold coloring, forked tongue, and snakeskin-like texture. Fun to play and pretend with. Even...
  • Scarlet Rubber Snake - 46"

    Colored and striped to mimic the real thing, this scarlet snake is a fascinating specimen. From tongue to tail to coil, this rubber toy snake gives kids hours and hours...
  • Green Garter Rubber Snake - 46"

    Delight or fright, this realism-inspired green garter is sure to deliver the desired reaction. With a 46" long coil, this all-rubber toy makes a game of "hide-and-snake" all the more...
  • Eastern Cottonmouth Rubber Snake - 42"

    Here's a small east cotton snake that looks just like the real thing---without the hassle of feeding it. Keep it coiled for show, uncoil it for play. Measures 42" tip...
  • Bermese Python Rubber Snake - 46"

    Looks just like a real Burmese python ---only this toy is just for fun. Soft, flexible, 46" rubber snake features reptile-like texture, forked tongue and realistic coiling.
  • Corn Snake Rubber Snake - 72"

    This 46" rubber snake is as bright and beautiful as its wildlife counterpart. Featuring two shades of neon orange, black accents and all-over texture, this corn snake looks and feels...
  • Ball Python Rubber Snake - 72"

    So real-looking, it's hard to tell that this rubber snake is a toy. Featuring desert sand and cocoa coloring with life-like snakeskin texturing, this ball python is a must-have for...
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