Reptiles & Amphibians
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  • Alligator Stuffed Animal - 25"

    This alligator is as big and cool looking as it is soft. With soft-fil stuffing for extra-huggability, this stuffed animal makes a great body pillow -- and lifelong friend.
  • Crocodile Stuffed Animal - 36"

    The saltwater crocodile is the largest in the world, reaching 1,000 pounds. The Cuddlekins stuffed crocodile is full grown at about three-feet of plush softness. The perfect size for a...
  • Alligator Stuffed Animal with teeth - 23"

    With its unique ombre coloring, open-wide mouth, rubber teeth, and give-it-a-hug shape, this alligator is sure to become a reptile-lover's best bud. Soft, large and plush, this stuffed animal can...
  • Ball Python Snake Stuffed Animal - 54"

    54" of stuffed love, that's what this ball python is. Featuring felted forked tongue, plush fabric and soft polyfil, this stuffed animal is huggably wonderful.
  • Alligator Stuffed Animal - 8"

    This super-friendly stuffed animal reptile is made strictly for hugging. All 8" of this mini alligator feature soft-filled, plush fabric that's been uniquely textured to look just like real alligator...
  • Alligator Stuffed Animal - 5"

    What's more precious than this little alligator? Soft fabrics are uniquely textured to look just like real alligator skin.This friendly mini alligator stuffed animal will make a cherished friend.
  • Two-Headed Snake Stuffed Animal - 54"

    Freak out your friends with this crazy two-headed snake. Measuring 54 inches from its tail to its two heads, this sneaky reptile is covered in soft green, yellow, black and...
  • Colorful Snake Stuffed Animal - 70"

    Lean, mean, slithery and sly, this giant stuffed snake provides long-term fun! Measuring 70 inches from its tail to its forked black tongue, there's plenty snake here to hug. With...
  • Green Alligator Stuffed Animal - 12"

    The scaly green alligator has been around since prehistoric times, and does he have some stories to tell! This cuddly 12-inch stuffed alligator looks as real as his reptilian ancestors,...
  • Rhino Viper Stuffed Animal - 54"

    In the wild, the bright colors on this vibrant rhino viper would warn of its poisonous venom. But this harmless stuffed snake is safe to snuggle and squeeze! Vivid blue,...
  • Red Eyed Tree Frog Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Leap into action with the Cuddlekins Red Eyed Tree Frog stuffed animal. He’s a virtual rainbow of brightly-colored blue, yellow, orange and green. Those markings and red eyes aren’t just...
  • Grey Scales Snake Stuffed Animal - 54"

    This snake is all show and no bite. With a realistically shaped head and fun grey scales print pattern, this 54" stuffed animal is great for squeezing, hugging, and admiring....
  • Burmese Python Snake Stuffed Animal - 110"

    This snake won't bite! In fact, it's extra cuddly.  At 110" in length, this super soft Anaconda snake stuffed animal has a lot to offer. Your choice - admire its...
  • Cobra Stuffed Animal - 54"

    Here's one super-awesome cobra, featuring remarkable diamond patterned fabric, plush softness, and extended pink tongue. Why, this stuffed animal is the spitting image of the real thing! Brings hours of...
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