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  • b1g1-desk Teal Sequin Snake Stuffed Animal - 54
  • b1g1-desk Leopard Sequin Snake Stuffed Animal - 54
  • Chameleon Stuffed Animal- 5

    Chameleon Stuffed Animal- 5"

    These adorable five-inch plush pieces are perfect for gift baskets, surprise bags, party favors, and theme parties.  We have from alligator to zebra and every animal in between to choose...
  • Colorful Polka Dot Snake Stuffed Animal - 54

    Colorful Polka Dot Snake Stuffed Animal - 54"

    This Sweet & Sassy snake Polka Dotted stuffed animal has eye getting colors. These big stuffed animals are created with high-quality materials and are surface washable in case you spill...
  • White Alligator Stuffed Animal - 12

    White Alligator Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Coming in at around 12 inches, this albino alligator is stark white, but just as ferocious as his swampy green counterparts. With sharp white teeth, lines of scaly bumps and...
  • Timber Rattlesnake Stuffed Animal - 54

    Timber Rattlesnake Stuffed Animal - 54"

    The Timber Rattlesnake may be one of America's most dangerous snakes, but don't hesitate to hug this lifelike stuffed version. Measuring 54 inches long, this stuffed snake is covered in...
  • Iguana Pincher

    Iguana Pincher

  • Western Diamondback Stuffed Animal - 70

    Western Diamondback Stuffed Animal - 70"

    This realistic Western Diamondback brings super-sized snake fun to playtime. Measuring a massive 70 inches long, this larger-than-life stuffed rattlesnake is covered in scaly soft fur that makes a distinctive...
  • Colorful Snake Stuffed Animal - 54

    Colorful Snake Stuffed Animal - 54"

    Don't fear this cuddly stuffed snake; he's soft and squeezable instead of scaly or slimy. This colorful 54-inch snake is covered in fuzzy green, orange and black fur that makes...
  • Eastern Cottonmouth Snake - 54

    Eastern Cottonmouth Snake - 54"

    Reptile-loving little ones will adore creating their own bedroom "jungle" with this 54" eastern cottonmouth snake. Thanks to its soft-fil inside and plush fabric outside, this stuffed animal doubles as...
  • Coral Snake Stuffed Animal - 54

    Coral Snake Stuffed Animal - 54"

    Distinguished by its bright bands of contrasting colors, this beautiful coral snake is easy to spot. This stuffed animal, measuring 54 inches long, is soft and plush instead of poisonous,...
  • Blue Rock Rattlesnake Stuffed Animal - 54

    Blue Rock Rattlesnake Stuffed Animal - 54"

    Look out - or should we say listen - for this larger-than-life blue rock rattlesnake, whose scales are camouflaged to hide on rocky ground. This huge stuffed animal is 54...
  • b1bg1desk Alligator Ecokins Mini

    Alligator Ecokins Mini

    Ecokins adorable plush animals are so soft and cuddly you would never believe they are made of 100% recycled water bottles, but they are.  From head to tail, inside and...
  • Colorful Snake Stuffed Animal - 54

    Colorful Snake Stuffed Animal - 54"

    Wrap yourself in colorful fun with this 54-inch stuffed snake. This deviant looking snake has a white belly and a bright red body with green, red, black and white scales...
  • Burmese Python Stuffed Animal - 54

    Burmese Python Stuffed Animal - 54"

    This cuddly Burmese Python gives rather constrictive hugs, but don't worry, it's all in fun! Measuring 54 inches long, this jumbo python is covered in soft sandy brown fur with...
  • Rainbow Boa Stuffed Animal - 54

    Rainbow Boa Stuffed Animal - 54"

    Slither your way toward wild adventure with this super long snake! This 54-inch rainbow boa stuffed animal is covered in soft, snuggly colorful fur instead of scales, with a golden...
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