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  • Clipkins - Flamingo Pink

    Clipkins - Flamingo Pink

    Clipkins are a sweet little three-inch plush animal you can clip on your backpack, computer screen, mirror, pen and so more.  Just pinch the mechanism in the animals’ back to...
  • Colorful Red Panda Stuffed Animal - 12

    Colorful Red Panda Stuffed Animal - 12"

    All decked out in pink, purple and sparkle, how precious is this ultra-plush red panda? From tea parties to tent campouts, this pretty stuffed animal features pettable fur, soft paws,...
  • Artist Collection - Flamingo

    Artist Collection - Flamingo

    It all starts with an artist. This beautiful collection of plush animals takes our artists realistic drawings and turns them into super realistic, highly detailed plush animals using a combination...
  • 2022 products awards Flamingo Ecokins Mini

    Flamingo Ecokins Mini

    This beautiful 8” pink flamingo is sure to please your little one and perfect for those who love flamingos as they are reminded of life at the beach.  This realistic...
  • Colorful T-Rex Stuffed Animal - 12

    Colorful T-Rex Stuffed Animal - 12"

    See prehistoric times in living color with this bright-eyed tyrannosaurus. This 12-inch Sweet & Sassy stuffed T-Rex has a fluffy pink coat of fur, with sparkly purple skin on her...
  • Flamingo Stuffed Animal - 12

    Flamingo Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Experience tropical fun in full color with this bright pink flamingo. It's easily recognizable by its strong, curved black-and-white beak, its long, spindly legs, and of course its vibrant color....
  • 2022 products awards 2022 products awards Snuggleluvs Flamingo

    Snuggleluvs Flamingo

    Introducing Snuggleluvs 🧡Specifically designed to provide comfort and ease anxiety. With their added weight, extra softness and optimal cuddling size (38 cm), Snuggleluvs are a stress-relieving companion for all ages.
  • Flamingo Stuffed Animal - 7

    Flamingo Stuffed Animal - 7"

    Brighten up your day with this flashy pink flamingo! Our 7-inch stuffed flamingo is covered in long, silky pink fur, with skinny pink legs, a curved black beak and big...
  • Sequin Pink Monkey

    Sequin Pink Monkey

    Bling is better! Adorable monkeys and snakes all find common ground in their shiny sequined design. The sequins are reversible and feature one solid color side and one patterned side.
  • Colorful Fox Stuffed Animal - 12

    Colorful Fox Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Vibrant colors adorn this soft and amazing fox, and it's just as cuddly as you can imagine. Their tails serve as a warm blanket for themselves when resting in the...
  • Pink Sloth Stuffed Animal

    Pink Sloth Stuffed Animal

    Here's a soft, furry pink sloth made for love. Extra-special touches on this cuddly soft stuffed animal give it lots of character.
  • Octopus Foilkins Jr

    Octopus Foilkins Jr

    Super fun design, whimsical octopus, eco friendly fill made of recycled water bottles, soft, cuddly Educational; teaches children about the many aquatic animals swimming in our oceans Great gift: perfect...
  • Links Pink Snake Stuffed Animal - 54

    Links Pink Snake Stuffed Animal - 54"

    This snake is all show and no bite. With a realistically shaped head and fun links pink print pattern, this 54" stuffed animal is great for squeezing, hugging, and admiring.
  • Colorful Sea Turtle Stuffed Animal - 12

    Colorful Sea Turtle Stuffed Animal - 12"

    The Incredible Sea Turtle is a veggie eating Explorer ready to take you along for the ride. They are strong swimmers that go Fast, especially when a current is in...
  • Colorful Sloth Stuffed Animal - 12
    Sold Out

    Colorful Sloth Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Here's a soft, furry and floppy sloth made for love. Extra-special touches on this cuddly soft stuffed animal include purple sparkle eyes, neon nails and a petal pink plume.
    Sold Out
  • Pink Sitting Giraffe Stuffed Animal - 12

    Pink Sitting Giraffe Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Each giraffe has unique spots and markings that distinguish it from other giraffes, but this one really stands out. Sitting tall at 12 inches, this fuzzy stuffed animal is covered...
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