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Not all monsters are bad.  Some are needed to help take care of our planet. 

Introducing Monsterkins created by the Earth for the Earth.  Monsterkins are Earth’s creation to help eat the plastic water bottles from land and sea.  It may take almost five hundred years for plastic bottles to decompose, but Monsterkins can digest them in only two hours.  They thrive on your plastic trash. 

Whether it’s in the rainforest, on a beach, or trash thrown on the ground, you can rely on a Monsterkin to eat it up and clean it up.  There’s a Monsterkin for every environment. 

VINNIE (Rivers, Streams, and Forests)

Vinnie’s huge teeth are used to chomp even the biggest water bottles.  His three eyes give him extra vision to see far in the distance to locate the plastics left behind by hikers who come to visit the prettier animals.  He is insistent on keeping the rainforest, rivers, and streams free of water bottles.

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