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The Black Bear may be the smallest bear in North America, but our plushier is the best size to play and cuddle with. Age is but a number when it comes to giving or receiving delightful stuffed toys full of love. While these bears are slow walkers, they can pick up speed faster than you would expect. After running around, They can jump into the stream and swim around for food easily. While these adorable creatures aren't always black, They will be sure to warm your heart. Family is a strong factor for black bears, they can have many cubs and stick together for over a year, but our plushier will stay by your side forever and lend an ear.

  • Ecokins are made from 100% fabric and plastic fiber fill.
  • Embroidered eyes and nose.
  • 7 water bottles are used to make one 8” Ecokin.
  • Recycled paper hang tag with cotton string instead of plastic tagger.
  • Biodegradable packing.

Our Mission has always been to deliver toys and stuffed animals that foster curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature.

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