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Over 65 million years ago, the T-Rex ruled all. This amazing dino roamed the U.S. and Canadian regions being known as the lizard king. These creatures were carnivores and had around 50 “banana-sized” teeth for hunting their next meal. One thing the T-Rex is physically known for is their tiny arms; looking oddly disproportionate to the rest of their massive body. The iconic dino can now fit comfortably in your arms with this lifelike stuffed animal version. It makes for a great birthday gift for kids or a unique gift for adults.


  • Quite possibly the most famous dino, the T-Rex stuffed animal will captivate anyone you gift it to.
  • This plush toy is the perfect companion for those young and old, they will most definitely love their new adventure buddy.
  • A mess is no match for this T-Rex stuffed animal because its high-quality materials are surface washable.
  • Measuring at 10 inches, this tremendous T-Rex plush toy is ready to take on any prehistoric exploring that might take place.
  • With imagination, animal plush can do or be anything your heart desires.

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