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Travel back to a land before our time with this Stegosaurus animal plush toy from Wild Republic. Over 145 million years ago, this plant-eating dinosaur roamed what is now the United States of America, but you’ll soon find this plushie kids toy roaming the house with your little one, and fending off predators at every turn. Once upon a time, the Stegosaurus grew to the size of a bus, but this stuffed animal is scaled down to a perfectly huggable 12 inches. Constructed with highly durable and 100% surface-washable fabric, your new plush friend is capable of withstanding all types of dino battles, consistently emerging clean, fluffy, and without wear and tear.. Take your imagination back to the Jurassic period with this realistic stuffed animal Stegosaurus.


  • The Stegosaurus may be extinct, but it’s stuffed animal counterpart will live on in the hearts of children everywhere.
  • This spikey dinosaur plush toy measures 12 inches from nose to tail, and every inch is surface washable.
  • The spikes on a Stegosaurus are bony and hard, but this kids toy is constructed with super soft, multi-colored fabric that helps bring this realistic animal plush to life.
  • While its high-quality fabric may not withstand a battle with T-Rex, it will hold up against all the cuddles this dino is destined to provide.
  • Take your imagination on a journey through time with this loveable Stegosaurus animal plush.

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