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  • Pangolin Stuffed Animal - 12

    Pangolin Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Talk about real! This stuffed animal is real plush, real cuddly and real lovable. Three hues and three types of textured fabric, plus delightfully detailed toes, feet and eyes give...
  • Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 30 Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 30"

    The only thing fierce about this stuffed animal is his dark, shiny coat. Handsome, charming and incredibly huggable, this splendid black bear is sure to become someone's best buddy.
  • Red Squirrel Stuffed Animal - 7

    Red Squirrel Stuffed Animal - 7"

    Our adorable red squirrel is the one critter that you wouldn't mind in your house!Straight from our hug 'ems line! The ultimate in cuteness and softness. We dare you not...
  • Triceratops Stuffed Animal - 10

    Triceratops Stuffed Animal - 10"

    Easy to handle, this stuffed grey colored Triceratops will help your kid explore and learn more about the animal kingdom. With the small stature, this Triceratops is huggable and cuddly....
  • Orca Stuffed Animal - 15

    Orca Stuffed Animal - 15"

    Our orca stuffed animal is part of our exclusive line of Cuddlekins ultra-plush wildlife toys. Specially designed to look like real the thing while still being incredibly soft and irresistibly...
  • Narwhal Stuffed Animal - 20

    Narwhal Stuffed Animal - 20"

    Living Ocean stuffed animals use a special print on fabric process to achieve vibrant, life-like colors and designs on super soft fabrics. You'll love the realism and the softness of...
  • b1bg1desk Penguin Chick Ecokins Mini 8

    Penguin Chick Ecokins Mini 8"

    Ecokins adorable plush animals are so soft and cuddly you would never believe they are made of 100% recycled water bottles, but they are.  From head to tail, inside and...
  • Moose Stuffed Animal - 30 Moose Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Moose Stuffed Animal - 30"

    The cute-factor on this squishy-squashy, ultra-plush moose is as big as his real-life counterpart. Featuring an extra-nuzzable muzzle, telltale antlers, and sleepy time eyes, here's a stuffed animal they'll keep...
  • Slipstream Blue Snake Stuffed Animal - 54

    Slipstream Blue Snake Stuffed Animal - 54"

    This snake is all show and no bite. With a realistically shaped head and fun slipstream blue print pattern, this 54" stuffed animal is great for squeezing, hugging, and admiring.
  • Manatee Stuffed Animal - 8

    Manatee Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Our mini cuddlekins sea creature stuffed animals range in size from 8-13". Specifically designed to look like the real animal in nature, our manatee stuffed animal is incredibly soft and...
  • Great White Shark Stuffed Animal - 30 Great White Shark Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Great White Shark Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Our great white shark stuffed animal comes in a great big 30 inch size. Featuring super soft fabrics perfect for cuddling. There is plenty to love!
  • Eco-Friendly
    Polybag of Mermaid Figurines

    Polybag of Mermaid Figurines

    These Wild Republic Polybags are great toys to help expand your child’s imagination and encourage independent play.  They are available in a variety of themes to fit a favorite place,...
  • Dolphin Stuffed Animal - 15

    Dolphin Stuffed Animal - 15"

    Our dolphin stuffed animal is part of our exclusive line of Cuddlekins ultra-plush wildlife toys. Specially designed to look like real the thing while still being incredibly soft and irresistibly...
  • Elephant Stuffed Animal - 7

    Elephant Stuffed Animal - 7"

    Undeniably adorable and irresistibly soft, this grey ‘African Elephant’ toy is sure to win your little one’s heart, instantly. Handcrafted with love, this toy has super-soft fur, stuffed fibers inside,...
  • Butterfly Dress - Pink (Organic Cotton) Butterfly Dress - Pink (Organic Cotton)
    Sold Out

    Butterfly Dress - Pink (Organic Cotton)

    Pretty in pink! Solid pink dress with butterfly design and bobbed sleeve.100% organic cotton is gentle on the skin and good for the environment. Wild Republic Kid's Wear provides easy...
    Sold Out
  • Tiger Backpack - 14

    Tiger Backpack - 14"

    Carry it or cuddle it? Both! This adorable child's tiger backpack is both a huggable stuffed animal and a tote for all their favorite things. Features adjustable nylon straps and...
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