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  • b1g1-desk Colorful Fox Stuffed Animal - 12

    Colorful Fox Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Vibrant colors adorn this soft and amazing fox, and it's just as cuddly as you can imagine. Their tails serve as a warm blanket for themselves when resting in the...
  • Black Bear Stuffed Animal Hat

    Black Bear Stuffed Animal Hat

    Child-sized plush hat is highly detailed to look like a real black bear. Great as a costume!
  • Flower Binoculars

    Flower Binoculars

    Like parent like child taking a hike with binoculars strapped on to birdwatch.  Wild Republic Binoculars are a super fun way to teach your child about nature.  Available in several...
  • African Wild Dog Stuffed Animal - 8

    African Wild Dog Stuffed Animal - 8"

    This Wild African Dog stuffed animal will catch any animal lover’s eye with its over-sized ears and multi-colored fur coat. With its scientific name of Lycaon Pictus literally meaning ‘painted wolf’,...
  • Elephant Stuffed Animal - 8

    Elephant Stuffed Animal - 8"

    This snuggly African elephant packs the fun of the world's largest land animal into a huggable 8-inch package. He's covered in soft, gray hair with pale velvety fur inside his...
  • Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 8 Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Big bear hugs come in small packages with this adorably cuddly 8-inch stuffed black bear. With a thick coat of black fur and soft brown patches on his feet and...
  • Giraffe Stuffed Animal - 8

    Giraffe Stuffed Animal - 8"

    This adorable 8-inch stuffed giraffe stands tall with characteristically long legs and a long, graceful neck. Its soft golden fur is covered in a unique pattern of brown patches that...
  • Baby Panda Stuffed Animal - 8

    Baby Panda Stuffed Animal - 8"

    What’s black and white and wants to be held all night? The Cuddlekins Baby Panda stuffed animal, of course. He’s irresistibly cute from head to toe. From the mountains of...
  • Penguin Stuffed Animal - 8

    Penguin Stuffed Animal - 8"

    This adorable 8-inch baby penguin is just the right size for snuggling. Her round body is covered in soft, downy gray feathers, with a distinctive black and white face and...
  • Baby Polar Bear Stuffed Animal - 8

    Baby Polar Bear Stuffed Animal - 8"

    You will warm up to this little bundle of white cuddliness in a hurry! He’s furry and soft and the perfect size for snuggling and holding. Bring the Cuddlekins Baby...
  • Snowy Owl Stuffed Animal - 8

    Snowy Owl Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Bring home the Snowy Owl stuffed animal today, it is quite the hoot This stuffed toy will bring a smile to the face of every child, teen, adult, or animal...
  • Baby Tiger Stuffed Animal - 8

    Baby Tiger Stuffed Animal - 8"

    This baby tiger cub is ready to earn his stripes. Plush and soft, he’s hunting for a frolicking fun time. The Cuddlekins Baby Tiger stuffed animal is still a kitty...
  • Baby White Tiger Stuffed Animal - 8

    Baby White Tiger Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Eeny, meeny, miney, moe, catch this stuffed baby tiger by his cute little toes. The Cuddlekins Baby White Tiger stuffed animal is a real sweetie. This little cub is the...
  • Wolf Stuffed Animal - 8

    Wolf Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Bring wild adventure home with this cuddly stuffed wolf. Our 8-inch wolf Cuddlekin looks incredibly realistic, with a thick soft coat of gray, white and brown fur. Howl into the...
  • Baby Zebra Stuffed Animal - 8

    Baby Zebra Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Did you know that a zebra’s stripes are like fingerprints? No two stripe patterns are alike. The Cuddlekins Baby Zebra stuffed animal is unique too. He’s cuddly and huggable, with...
  • Brown Bear Stuffed Animal - 8

    Brown Bear Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Bring great outdoor adventure inside with this cuddly stuffed brown bear. Snuggle up close to his thick, soft brown fur, and feel the fuzzy texture of his light brown nose....
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