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  • Colorful Fox Stuffed Animal - 12

    Colorful Fox Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Vibrant colors adorn this soft and amazing fox, and it's just as cuddly as you can imagine. Their tails serve as a warm blanket for themselves when resting in the...
  • Black Bear Stuffed Animal Hat

    Black Bear Stuffed Animal Hat

    Child-sized plush hat is highly detailed to look like a real black bear. Great as a costume!
  • Flower Binoculars

    Flower Binoculars

    Like parent like child taking a hike with binoculars strapped on to birdwatch.  Wild Republic Binoculars are a super fun way to teach your child about nature.  Available in several...
  • African Wild Dog Stuffed Animal - 8

    African Wild Dog Stuffed Animal - 8"

    This Wild African Dog stuffed animal will catch any animal lover’s eye with its over-sized ears and multi-colored fur coat. With its scientific name of Lycaon Pictus literally meaning ‘painted wolf’,...
  • Baby Polar Bear Stuffed Animal - 8

    Baby Polar Bear Stuffed Animal - 8"

    You will warm up to this little bundle of white cuddliness in a hurry! He’s furry and soft and the perfect size for snuggling and holding. Bring the Cuddlekins Baby...
  • Baby Snow Leopard Stuffed Animal - 8

    Baby Snow Leopard Stuffed Animal - 8"

    A special delivery is waiting for your little one. The Cuddlekins Baby Snow Leopard stuffed animal is a tiny bundle of joy. He’s a curious cat, always ready for fun,...
  • Snowy Owl Stuffed Animal - 8

    Snowy Owl Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Bring home the Snowy Owl stuffed animal today, it is quite the hoot This stuffed toy will bring a smile to the face of every child, teen, adult, or animal...
  • Baby Zebra Stuffed Animal - 8

    Baby Zebra Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Did you know that a zebra’s stripes are like fingerprints? No two stripe patterns are alike. The Cuddlekins Baby Zebra stuffed animal is unique too. He’s cuddly and huggable, with...
  • Bison Stuffed Animal - 8 Bison Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Bison Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Explore the wild frontier in your own backyard with this cuddly stuffed bison. A coat of shaggy brown fur hangs from its humped shoulders and head. Armed with a pair...
  • Hyacinth Macaw Stuffed Animal - 8

    Hyacinth Macaw Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Aww! This extremely cute and super huggable blue hyacinth parrot will become your little munchkin’s best friend in no time. Measuring 8 inches, this authentically colored stuffed toy is made...
  • Kangaroo Stuffed Animal - 8

    Kangaroo Stuffed Animal - 8"

    This cute 8-inch kangaroo is double the fun, with a baby joey tucked inside its mother's pouch. Both of these stuffed kangaroos are covered in soft gray fur, with tall...
  • Lion Stuffed Animal - 8

    Lion Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Playing with this cuddly stuffed lion is wildly fun! Our 8-inch version of the king of the jungle wears a soft, sandy coat of fur with a long, bushy brown...
  • Ring Tailed Lemur Stuffed Animal - 8

    Ring Tailed Lemur Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Cuddle with this cute monkey for a realistic rainforest adventure. This 8-inch black and white ring tailed lemur loves to play. He's covered in soft gray fur with a white...
  • T-Rex Stuffed Animal - 8

    T-Rex Stuffed Animal - 8"

    T-rex’s were one of the largest dinosaurs to ever roam our planet earth. They were approximately 40 feet in length, 15 feet tall, and could weigh up to five tons....
  • Triceratops Stuffed Animal - 8

    Triceratops Stuffed Animal - 8"

    Explore prehistoric landscapes with this fiercely cuddly triceratops! Packing a realistic look into an 8-inch size, this adorable little dino has scaly, speckled gray skin with tan-colored extremities. Identifiable by...
  • Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 12 Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Bring a sense of wild adventure to your little ones’ playtime is this black plush bear. With a thick coat of black fur and soft brown pads on feet, muzzle...
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