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  • Wolf Stuffed Animal - 30 Wolf Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Wolf Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Are you ready to join the wolf pack? This wolf stuffed animal will be your friend until the end. This jumbo plush toy is a loyal companion. Wolves are known...
  • Sloth Stuffed Animal - 30 Sloth Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Sloth Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Who doesn’t love a Sloth? When it comes to plush toys, zoo animals like this Three-Toed Sloth plush are enjoyed by people of all ages, and when made as large...
  • Hippo Stuffed Animal - 30 Hippo Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Hippo Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Expect peals of joy and squeals of delight over this hugely huggable hippo. Featuring precious pink and soft gray fabric, ultra-soft body and kissable face, they'll never want to let...
  • White Tiger Stuffed Animal - 30 White Tiger Stuffed Animal - 30"

    White Tiger Stuffed Animal - 30"

    This fluffy white tiger with piercing blue eye, big-cat nose, and soft paws is a top-of-the-bed showstopper. But don't let these stunning good looks fool you; this stuffed animal loves...
  • Cheetah Stuffed Animal - 30 Cheetah Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Cheetah Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Regal, oversized and super soft, this cheetah is the cat's meow. Big enough to sleep on, small enough to cuddle, this stuffed animal features soft and squishy filling, plush fur...
  • Panda Stuffed Animal - 30 Panda Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Panda Stuffed Animal - 30"

    What's black and white and ready to be loved all over? Why, this oversized panda bear, of course! As adorable and authentic as the real thing, this stuffed animal features...
  • Bison Stuffed Animal - 30 Bison Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Bison Stuffed Animal - 30"

    There's no sweeter bison than this oversized softie. Snuggly and cuddly, this stuffed animal features textured, two-toned fur that looks lush, feels plush. Better than a blankie, cuter than a...
  • African Elephant Stuffed Animal - 30 African Elephant Stuffed Animal - 30"

    African Elephant Stuffed Animal - 30"

    That face. Those eyes. Such a sweetie. This mega-soft African elephant is as huggable and relaxed as they come. Featuring two types of plush fabric that's meticulously detailed, this stuffed...
  • Burmese Python Snake Stuffed Animal - 110

    Burmese Python Snake Stuffed Animal - 110"

    This snake won't bite! In fact, it's extra cuddly.  At 110" in length, this super soft Anaconda snake stuffed animal has a lot to offer. Your choice - admire its...
  • Polar Bear Stuffed Animal - 30 Polar Bear Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Polar Bear Stuffed Animal - 30"

    As gorgeously posh as it is squishably soft, this stuffed animal is as close to perfect as can be. With its plush nose and soothingly soft fur, this polar bear...
  • Polar Bear -  Jumbo Mom & Baby 30

    Polar Bear - Jumbo Mom & Baby 30"

    Realistic mom and baby jumbo polar bear, eco friendly fill made of recycled water bottles, posed together as they would be in nature, soft, cuddly. Educational; teaches children about wildlife....
  • Crocodile Stuffed Animal - 36

    Crocodile Stuffed Animal - 36"

    The saltwater crocodile is the largest in the world, reaching 1,000 pounds. The Cuddlekins stuffed crocodile is full grown at about three-feet of plush softness. The perfect size for a...
  • Lion Stuffed Animal - 30 Lion Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Lion Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Perfectly posed and supremely soft, no wonder this extra-big, realistic lion is king of the stuffed animal jungle. Its super-soft body and lush two-tone mane make it just right for...
  • Harp Seal Stuffed Animal - 30 Harp Seal Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Harp Seal Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Harp seals love the chilly waters of the Arctic. But the Cuddlekins stuffed seal doesn’t mind getting snuggly. Big and pillow-soft, this seal will accept hugs 24/7. Your little one...
  • T-Rex Stuffed Animal with Teeth - 25 T-Rex Stuffed Animal with Teeth - 25"

    T-Rex Stuffed Animal with Teeth - 25"

    Wild Republic's 25" textured dinosaur stuffed animal line features ultra realistic designs. Our T-Rex stuffed animal has a scaled texture and is overstuffed to achieve a fierce standing pose. A...
  • Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 30 Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 30"

    Black Bear Stuffed Animal - 30"

    The only thing fierce about this stuffed animal is his dark, shiny coat. Handsome, charming and incredibly huggable, this splendid black bear is sure to become someone's best buddy.
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