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  • Macaw Scarlet Stuffed Animal - 12 Macaw Scarlet Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Macaw Scarlet Stuffed Animal - 12"

    The colorful scarlet macaw brings bright, tropical adventure to your backyard! This 12-inch stuffed scarlet macaw Cuddlekin has a brilliant red body flanked by contrasting blue and yellow feathers on...
  • Bighorn Sheep Stuffed Animal - 12

    Bighorn Sheep Stuffed Animal - 12"

    As its name implies, the bighorn sheep is known for the big horns that curl around its head. This cuddly bighorn sheep has soft, velvety horns and even softer brown...
  • Chimpanzee Stuffed Animal - 12

    Chimpanzee Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Discover new adventures with this curious chimp at your side! Soft black fur makes this 12-inch stuffed chimpanzee lovably cuddly. With human-like hands, feet and face, and a long white...
  • Lynx Stuffed Animal - 12

    Lynx Stuffed Animal - 12"

    This 12" lynx stuffed animal features realistic markings and is the perfect size for cuddling.
  • Mountain Lion Stuffed Animal - 12 Mountain Lion Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Mountain Lion Stuffed Animal - 12"

    This strong, slender mountain lion loves to jump and prowl. With soft golden brown fur, black tipped tail and ears, and a silky white patch from its pink nose to...
  • Alpaca Stuffed Animal - 12

    Alpaca Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Get ready to take a step into the wild side with the Cuddlekins Alpaca Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic. You can look high or low but you won't find a...
  • Brown Standing Horse Stuffed Animal - 12

    Brown Standing Horse Stuffed Animal - 12" Class

    This spunky brown horse blazes a trail of adventure wherever it goes. Standing tall on its powerful legs, this 12-inch stuffed horse has a shiny brown coat and flowing mane...
  • Emperor Penguin Stuffed Animal - 12

    Emperor Penguin Stuffed Animal - 12"

    If it wasn't for its fur-like fabric and poly-fil stuffing, this emperor penguin could (almost) be mistaken for the real thing. Stunning, ombre coloring, traditional tuxedo-style markings and super-soft plushness...
  • Silverback Gorilla Stuffed Animal - 12 Silverback Gorilla Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Silverback Gorilla Stuffed Animal - 12"

    This soft, snuggly silverback gorilla has a long, shaggy coat of thick, black hair with distinctive patches of silvery gray fur. His big, dome-shaped head, long arms and muscular build...
  • Ostrich Stuffed Animal - 12

    Ostrich Stuffed Animal - 12"

    This lovely 12-inch ostrich is built for speed, with long, thin legs and a tall, skinny neck. Her round body is covered in a long, feathery black and white coat....
  • Brown Bat Stuffed Animal - 12 Brown Bat Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Brown Bat Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Cute, cuddly and wholly original, this brown bat is fun to fly around with --- and even better to snuggle up to. With inherent charm and ultra-soft fabric, this is...
  • Cobra Stuffed Animal - 12

    Cobra Stuffed Animal - 12"

    The name of the cobra comes from the Portuguese word for "hooded snake," because of its ability to flare out its "hood" to look more threatening. This 12-inch stuffed cobra...
  • Zebra Stuffed Animal - 12

    Zebra Stuffed Animal - 12"

    There's "zomething" wildly wonderful about this plush zebra. Featuring true-to-life black-and-white stripes, long black mane, touchable hooves, and soft inner fill, this is no ordinary stuffed animal --- this is...
  • Elephant Stuffed Animal - 12

    Elephant Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Kids are always interested in animals. Amaze your little bundle of joy gifting him/ her this elephant soft toy. Absolutely cuddle-worthy, it will surely bring that sparkle in the eyes...
  • Cockatoo Stuffed Animal - 12 Cockatoo Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Cockatoo Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Curious as a cockatoo, this beautiful bird helps your imagination take flight. Its "sulfur-crested" hairstyle sure makes a statement, with a mohawk of bright yellow feathers on its head, and...
  • Flamingo Stuffed Animal - 12 Flamingo Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Flamingo Stuffed Animal - 12"

    Experience tropical fun in full color with this bright pink flamingo. It's easily recognizable by its strong, curved black-and-white beak, its long, spindly legs, and of course its vibrant color....
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